Welcome to Camping Côte de Chèvre

Hello, we are Stefan, Alicia and Tiamo Nelen.

We are a young family and emigrated to France in May 2023 to chase our dream.

We love the free life, nature and especially animals.

From home we are used to a farm and camping life, because my (Stefan) parents have a goat farm and SVR camping in Brabant in the Netherlands.

Where does the name Côte de Chèvre come from?

We would also like to explain the name of our campsite Côte de Chèvre.

My parents’ campsite is called “Costa Kabrita,” which means “Goat Coast,” and we liked to continue this name in French.

We want to keep several types of animals on our property and we also like a nice vegetable garden.

As a camping guest, you can also enjoy with us the nature, the animals running around and especially the friendliness and tranquility.

As a campsite, we are affiliated to the “Stichting Vrije Recreatie”.

Booking with us is easy

You can send an email to us using the form. Or by emailing directly to: [email protected]